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Importants & All Information of Eye Donation

Donate Your Eye After Death & Allow Others to See This Beautiful World through Your Eyes

Who can be en eye donor? can be an eye donor, irrespective of sex, age, religion, creed, caste or blood group. The removal of the eyes neither disfigures the face nor interfaces with the customary funeral arrangements.

Which part of eye used for transplant?
Only the thin layer which is transparent in front of the iris ie, cornea used to replace the diseased or opaque cornea in the eye of the patient (recipient).

Do cataract or use of glasses causes the cornea unfit for donation?
No, both these conditions relate to the lens of the eye and not about the cornea. People who are successfully operated for cataracts or glaucoma or even retinal detachments can also donate their eyes after death. In fact there have been instances of those who have received a corneal transplant themselves donating their corneas after death! All that is required is that the donor has a clear, transparent, healthy cornea at the time of death.

Do human body rejects the transplanted cornea?
The human cornea does not have any blood supply; hence the risk of rejection is very less. If rejected, it can be treated by timely medication.

Conditions of the cornea unfitness for donation?
Corneas of people suffering from AIDS, rabies, syphillis, tetanus, septicaemia and certain viral diseases cannot be transplanted. People with diabetes, hypertension or cancer can donate their eyes. However, if the donor had blood-borne cancer then the cornea of such a patient cannot be used.

How suddenly should the eye be removed after death for transplantation?
As soon as possible eyes can be removed up to 6 hrs after death. However, in places where the climate is hot is preferably 2 to 4 hrs after death is advisable.

Is it necessary to take donor to hospital after death?
No, eye banks have persons who will come to the donor's home or place of death and remove the eyes.

Realize the value of eye donation & go around spreading the message of the nobility of eye donation.
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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Affordable Cost Visual Problem Treatments in Chennai

Visual Disturbances

Normal sight interfere by Visual disturbances. It may be caused by several diseases and conditions. Some of them can be recovered with treatment. But some remains as permanent.

Visual Disturbances Types
Most common visual disturbances are double vision, colour blindness, total/partial blindness, halos around the light, blurred vision and pain.

Diplopia ( Double Vision )
double visionSeeing a single object as two is called Diplopia / Double Vision. It can be a symptom of serious eye problem. So make an appointment to consult an eye specialist. There are 2 types of diplopia : monocular and binocular
Monocular Diplopia : Double vision that affects one eye is called monocular Diplopia.
Binocular Diplopia : Double vision that affects both eyes.
Diplopia can be due to miscommunication in your brain. If your brain can't overlay the two pictures your eyes are seeing, you may encounter double vision. Covering the influenced eye won't tackle the issue. If you close one of the damaged eye there have no benefits, you may see “ghost image”.

Color Blindness
color blindness
Persons who are affected by color blindness are unable to see colors. 2 types of color blindness are there. It is common in men. Red green color deficiency is the common form.
Partially Color Blindness : Poor color vision. Individual affected by partially color blind can't differentiate between specific colors.
 blindnessTotal Color Blindness : It is rare. Individual affected by total color blind can see only gray shades.

Partial Blindness : Only able to see light and some degree of views.
Total Blindness : It is also known as “no light perception”. That means complete lack of visual light perception. Their vision may be corrected with glasses, surgery, or contact lenses.

blurred vision
Blurred vision may be the sign of cataract or other conditions. By using glasses or contact lenses can fix blurry vision, but if it is caused by another disease require additional treatments.

Light circles around the objects.

Eye pain or discomfort is different from condition. It feels like scratching or burning sensation when your eyes open or close. It can’t relieved by eye closing.

Causes of Visual Disturbances
Diplopia ( Double Vision )
  • cataract
  • cornea infection
  • diabetes
  • nerve condition
  • hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )
  • injury to the lens or cornea
  • weakness of muscles
  • clouding of eye lens

  • age
  • eye trauma or accidents
  • cataract
  • hereditary conditions
  • diabetes
  • glaucoma
  • age ralated macular degeneration(armd)
  • tumors
  • optic neuritis
  • strokes
  • medications for erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, psychological problems etc
  • glaucoma
  • diabetes
  • Ageing
  • macular degeneration
  • certain chemicals
  • hereditary condition
  • sickle cell anemia
  • optic neuritis
  • Parkinson’s disease

  • cataract
  • bacterial infection
  • infection in cornea
  • glaucoma
  • glasses or contact lens without prescription of an eye specialist
  • age related macular degeneration
  • headache due to migraine
  • problems of optic nerve
  • eye trauma or injury
  • tumors

  • cornea disease or damage
  • glaucoma
  • migraine headache
  • ocular migraine

  • Eye infections
  • pink eye ( conjunctivitis )
  • glaucoma
  • eyelid injury or inflammation
  • migraine
  • optic neuritis
  • contact lens & glass problems
  • sinus headache

See an eye specialist as soon as possible if you feel any of these visual disturbances. It may lead to serious conditions like glaucoma, cataract, aneurysm, brain tumors etc. Amit Hospital is one the best option for you. 

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Friday, 29 August 2014

Bladeless Cataract Surgery in Chennai

Amrit Hospital Successfully finished 100 Bladeless Cataract Surgery in 2 months !
No Injection, No Stitch, No Patch Surgery.

For ordinary vision lens of the eye must be clear and transparent, so light beams can pass through it. At the point when the lens gets to be overcast, light beams can not effectively transmitted to the retina.Cataract are shady territories in the lens inside the eye. It progressively creates and may influence one or both eyes.

Age related Cataract : most basic, seem later
Inherent Cataract (adolescence Cataract) : It may shows up at the time of conception or after brief time of conception
Cataract predominantly influenced to matured individuals. At the time they feel hard to peruse, or drive an auto, particularly amid night.

  • Diabetes
  • Eye Injury
  • Smoking
  • Irritation of the iris, uvea and so on.
  • Hereditary illnesses
  • Diseases influencing the child in the mother's womb like Herpes, Rubella, Syphilis, and so on.

High lighting & displays can help to enhance their vision. However in future vision gets to be obscured, they feel radiances around articles, progressively they can't see anything with the helping material additionally. Surgery is a definitive alternative for Cataract cure. Cataract Surgery is the best, powerful and safe strategy. No drug or eating methodology can fathom Cataract creation. Amid the surgery Cataract influenced lens will evacuate and supplant by Artificial Intra Ocular Lens ( IOL ). It has high achievement rate. In any case some individuals get fear about the eye surgery with the assistance of razor sharp edge. So Amrit Hospital presented Bladeless Cataract Surgery in Chennai. Inside 2 month, effectively finished 100 surgeries. The most recent laser system of NO INJECTION,NO STITCH, NO PATCH has made the surgery exceptionally effective and simple for the patient.

Customary Cataract surgery includes the utilization of a surgical cutting edge to perform corneal entry points. Laser Cataract Surgery improves the shot of spectacle opportunity. Utilizing Lensx® Laser Surgery is carried out in femtoseconds. A progressed machine direction framework, controlled by one of our accomplished Cataract specialists, guides the laser over the eye to give the most exact and precise results for every individual patient.

  • Reasonable
  • No blood loss
  • No cut
  • No ache
  • No stitch
  • No hospitalization
  • Speediest recovery
  • Safe & Simple
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Get Affordable Cost Effective Eye Care Treatments, Chennai

Amrit Hospital is one of the world class eye care hospital in Chennai. We have up-to-date medical technology, advanced equipments, good infrastructure & esthetic atmosphere. Our team of highly qualified & experienced eye specialists, fellow doctors and staffs are committed in providing effective & comfortable treatment to our patients. We strive to serve high quality services at reliable cost.

Amrit Hospital has earned a distinct position among all other eye hospitals in India, by becoming the first position to introduce the Bladeless Cataract surgery. Recently, completed 100 successful Bladeless Cataract Surgeries within 2 months. Other special treatments of eye include  

Now, you can avail information regarding various treatments and services provided in our hospital through : We also provide online consultation with the doctor to both Indian as well as International patients. The online appointment system enables our valued-patients to book their appointments in an easy-way.