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Bladeless cataract surgery is a revolution invention in the field of cataract surgery. It is a Laser assisted cataract surgery, which is based on computer guided technology that delivers a higher level of accuracy to the cataract surgery.

Basically, a cataract is a clouding of natural lens. The protein accumulation in the lens makes this cloudy condition and avoids passing of light clearly which results into vision loss. Humans have a natural clean and clear lens from their birth to see the world but with the age and other factors such as injury or long working pressure on eyes gradually these lens becomes cloudy. To make the vision clear and better it is recommended to remove cataract and replaced with an artificial lens through surgery.

Ageing is the main cause of the cataract. With the age, the protein present in the lens breaks and makes lens rigid and cloudy. The other causes include:
  • Long time exposure of naked eyes to x-rays or sun rays
  • Smoking
  • High level of Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease such as hyperthyroidism
  • Any kind of eye injury
  • Inflammation in Iris
  • Genetic disorders such as myotonic dystrophy, down syndrome etc.
  • Feel haloes nearby the bright light or objects
  • Loss in night vision
  • Temporary perfection in closer vision
  • Requirement of bright light
LenSx® laser is the most advances life changing process that provides a customized cataract surgery experience and gives most safest and effective results. Laser technology permits doctors to regulate the exact length and depth of the incision which reduces the risk of certain problems, infections, and also reducing the recovering time.

Amrit Hospital
, Chennai has a good hold on bladeless cataract surgery and has a high rate of successful surgeries. The doctors of Amrit Hospital will work with the patients to understand their needs and accordingly determine best suitable technique.

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