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Affordable Cost Visual Problem Treatments in Chennai

Visual Disturbances

Normal sight interfere by Visual disturbances. It may be caused by several diseases and conditions. Some of them can be recovered with treatment. But some remains as permanent.

Visual Disturbances Types
Most common visual disturbances are double vision, colour blindness, total/partial blindness, halos around the light, blurred vision and pain.

Diplopia ( Double Vision )
double visionSeeing a single object as two is called Diplopia / Double Vision. It can be a symptom of serious eye problem. So make an appointment to consult an eye specialist. There are 2 types of diplopia : monocular and binocular
Monocular Diplopia : Double vision that affects one eye is called monocular Diplopia.
Binocular Diplopia : Double vision that affects both eyes.
Diplopia can be due to miscommunication in your brain. If your brain can't overlay the two pictures your eyes are seeing, you may encounter double vision. Covering the influenced eye won't tackle the issue. If you close one of the damaged eye there have no benefits, you may see “ghost image”.

Color Blindness
color blindness
Persons who are affected by color blindness are unable to see colors. 2 types of color blindness are there. It is common in men. Red green color deficiency is the common form.
Partially Color Blindness : Poor color vision. Individual affected by partially color blind can't differentiate between specific colors.
 blindnessTotal Color Blindness : It is rare. Individual affected by total color blind can see only gray shades.

Partial Blindness : Only able to see light and some degree of views.
Total Blindness : It is also known as “no light perception”. That means complete lack of visual light perception. Their vision may be corrected with glasses, surgery, or contact lenses.

blurred vision
Blurred vision may be the sign of cataract or other conditions. By using glasses or contact lenses can fix blurry vision, but if it is caused by another disease require additional treatments.

Light circles around the objects.

Eye pain or discomfort is different from condition. It feels like scratching or burning sensation when your eyes open or close. It can’t relieved by eye closing.

Causes of Visual Disturbances
Diplopia ( Double Vision )
  • cataract
  • cornea infection
  • diabetes
  • nerve condition
  • hypertension ( High Blood Pressure )
  • injury to the lens or cornea
  • weakness of muscles
  • clouding of eye lens

  • age
  • eye trauma or accidents
  • cataract
  • hereditary conditions
  • diabetes
  • glaucoma
  • age ralated macular degeneration(armd)
  • tumors
  • optic neuritis
  • strokes
  • medications for erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, psychological problems etc
  • glaucoma
  • diabetes
  • Ageing
  • macular degeneration
  • certain chemicals
  • hereditary condition
  • sickle cell anemia
  • optic neuritis
  • Parkinson’s disease

  • cataract
  • bacterial infection
  • infection in cornea
  • glaucoma
  • glasses or contact lens without prescription of an eye specialist
  • age related macular degeneration
  • headache due to migraine
  • problems of optic nerve
  • eye trauma or injury
  • tumors

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  • cornea disease or damage
  • glaucoma
  • migraine headache
  • ocular migraine

  • Eye infections
  • pink eye ( conjunctivitis )
  • glaucoma
  • eyelid injury or inflammation
  • migraine
  • optic neuritis
  • contact lens & glass problems
  • sinus headache

See an eye specialist as soon as possible if you feel any of these visual disturbances. It may lead to serious conditions like glaucoma, cataract, aneurysm, brain tumors etc. Amit Hospital is one the best option for you. 

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