Thursday, 4 December 2014

Importants & All Information of Eye Donation

Donate Your Eye After Death & Allow Others to See This Beautiful World through Your Eyes

Who can be en eye donor? can be an eye donor, irrespective of sex, age, religion, creed, caste or blood group. The removal of the eyes neither disfigures the face nor interfaces with the customary funeral arrangements.

Which part of eye used for transplant?
Only the thin layer which is transparent in front of the iris ie, cornea used to replace the diseased or opaque cornea in the eye of the patient (recipient).

Do cataract or use of glasses causes the cornea unfit for donation?
No, both these conditions relate to the lens of the eye and not about the cornea. People who are successfully operated for cataracts or glaucoma or even retinal detachments can also donate their eyes after death. In fact there have been instances of those who have received a corneal transplant themselves donating their corneas after death! All that is required is that the donor has a clear, transparent, healthy cornea at the time of death.

Do human body rejects the transplanted cornea?
The human cornea does not have any blood supply; hence the risk of rejection is very less. If rejected, it can be treated by timely medication.

Conditions of the cornea unfitness for donation?
Corneas of people suffering from AIDS, rabies, syphillis, tetanus, septicaemia and certain viral diseases cannot be transplanted. People with diabetes, hypertension or cancer can donate their eyes. However, if the donor had blood-borne cancer then the cornea of such a patient cannot be used.

How suddenly should the eye be removed after death for transplantation?
As soon as possible eyes can be removed up to 6 hrs after death. However, in places where the climate is hot is preferably 2 to 4 hrs after death is advisable.

Is it necessary to take donor to hospital after death?
No, eye banks have persons who will come to the donor's home or place of death and remove the eyes.

Realize the value of eye donation & go around spreading the message of the nobility of eye donation.
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