Saturday, 29 October 2016

Regain Your Clear Vision Through Blade less Cataract Surgery

The eyes are the most important organs through which we view  the entire world. We need good eyesight to live our life in a good way. When we suffer from any eye problem, the routine activities will be hindered. We can say if the vision is lost almost everything is lost. Such a vision should be preserved and monitored regularly. Some of the vision problems arise congenitally, due to injury and aging. However, timely treatment is necessary to save our blessed vision. In this article, we pursue about cataract and its advanced surgical procedure.

Formation of a clouding in the lens is called a Cataract. Lens work like a lens of a camera which is behind the iris, focusing light images on the retina that sends images to the brain. A Cataract makes the images blurred, dull and vision difficulty at the night time. There is no preventive care for cataract. The reasons for cataract would be eye injury, side effects of some medications. A statistic shows that 70% of the people with more than 75 years are affected by cataract. Cataract surgery is performed with many modern techniques. It is actually breaking the clouding into small pieces and replacing with the lens.

The Lensx laser advanced bladeless cataract surgery treatment helps surgeons to customize the operating procedures based on the patient's’ eyes. Lensx laser emerged with international standard technology with integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) that precisely captures high- resolution images of eyes. The data, measurement and the images are obtained with the help of OCT that aids doctors perform surgery to an exact specification rather than traditional surgery.

Amrit Hospital offers best Bladeless Cataract Surgery in Chennai with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff. The doctor consultation, patient care, and surgical procedures are available at an affordable price. Our advanced technologies, modern equipment, sophisticated infrastructure forwards us in world class level. More than 100 Bladeless cataract surgeries are done within two months successfully.
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