Tuesday, 3 January 2017

LASIK Surgery : Say Goodbye to Lenses

LASIK Surgery is a refractive surgery. While performing the procedure, an eye surgeon creates a flap in the cornea and uses a laser to reshape the cornea and correct refractive error problems in the eye. LASIK is more appropriate for the people who have a moderate degree of refractive error causing;
  • Nearsightedness in which nearby objects are visible but distant objects are blurry
  • Farsightedness in which nearby objects are blurry but distant objects are clear
  • Astigmatism causes overall blurred vision
The surgical success depends on the careful evaluation of eyes before the surgery and LASIK gives freedom from glasses and lenses.


LASIK is Laser Assisted Insitu Keratomileusis which is a Painless Treatment with faster recovery. The usage of EX500 Excimer laser gives the best results. Anybody who is above 18 years with healthy eyes and stable vision at least for one year is eligible to get performed with LASIK treatment. High powers such as -15, autoimmune disease and pregnancy patients are not fit for LASIK.
It is a day care treatment performed under local anesthesia. The patients will be advised to undergo a preliminary eye examination and measurements are taken to create a unique treatment profile for each individual. Anesthetist numbs the eyes by drops and a flap is created on the cornea which gently lifted back to expose the treatment area. Using the light energy the cornea is reshaped precisely. Soon after the surgery, the flap is repositioned to form a natural bandage and the healing begins. This procedure does not involve any pain, sutures or bandages and the following day the patient can resume normal activities.
  • Usage of Wave Light EX500 Excimer Laser brings out faster, accurate, wide range of treatments with better results
  • Affords multiple treatment options
  • High level of comfort is obtained
  • Very safety method
  • Wave Light EX500 Excimer is one of the most advanced lasers 
  • Results with consistency
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