Friday, 19 May 2017

Is Squint Eye Spoiling Your looks? Get The Right Treatment Here

Squint eye is a condition in wherein there is a misalign­ment of the eyes. In other words, the two eyes are pointed in different directions. One eye may be looking straight ahead while the other is turned inward, outward etc. Muscles of the eyes control the movements of the eyes. If one muscle is tougher than the other, the eye will be turned in that direction. This is how a squint eye condition is formed. One has to weaken the stronger muscle and strengthen the weaker muscle to treat this.

What Are The Causes?

There are different reasons for squint eyes and it does to run in families. It may be caused by severe farsightedness that has been untreated in some cases. Substantial head trauma may also be the reason for squint eyes, as it can affect that portion of the brain which controls the muscles of the eye.

The clearest sign of squint eyes is when the eyes appear to be looking in different directions. There are, however, more signs of squint eyes that can often be observed in children which include:
  • Squinting with only one eye
  • Unsymmetrical points of reflection in each eye
  • Inability to gauge depth
  • Eyes that do not move together
  • Tilting the head to one side
How Is It Treated?

Amrit Hospital has an expert team doctors that are specialized to handle such conditions. While they start by a prescription of eye injectables, external medications, eye yoga exercises and spectacles, extreme cases with severe squint need immediate surgery and the alignment issues are corrected to look normal. Crossed-eye surgeries are very common and we can see best results when we treat such conditions at a tender age.

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